Smooth It: Simple Recipe of a Tasty Smoothie

Smoothie (from Eng. ‘Smooth’) — is a ‘smoothly’ blended thick drink made of fruit or vegetables in combination with water, milk, yoghurt, ice or other ingredients. Invented by Californians obsessed with healthy eating, smoothies became popular due to their simplicity, cooling effect, and pleasant texture. They differ from ordinary cocktails, mostly because prepared not of juices, but of mashed fruit or vegetables, and contain the pulp. Therefore, smoothies are more useful for digestion, since, in contrast to juices, they keep the plant fibre. American ‘classy’ variant is prepared of blended fruit or vegetables mixed with crushed ice.fruit Smoothie

The variety of smoothie recipes amazes. Smoothie can:

  • with milk or milk products (usually, they are mild, sweet, neutral, not acidic);
  • refreshing (without sugar, using only naturally sweet fruit or natural sweeteners like honey, syrup or sugar);
  • cold (with crushed ice and frozen fruit);
  • containing egg (with whole eggs or only with whites);
  • not sweet (with vegetables, greens, spice and water plants).

Whatever the recipe is, smoothies are rather filling due to plenty of fiber.

Fruit smoothie with blueberries

This is a refreshing smoothie that can be served as a dessert. Ingredients:

  • one sweet apple;
  • a plateful of frozen blueberries;
  • one grapefruit;
  • one lemon;
  • 20 g of honey;
  • 50 ml of water
  • a slice of fresh ginger;


  • Peel apple skin and cut it into small pieces. Remove the seeds to improve the taste of smoothie, but you can leave them if you want.
  • Peel the grapefruit, divide it into segments.
  • Remove a thin white membrane from grapefruit, it is bitter and will add bitterness to the treat;
  • Peel the ginger and cut a small piece into thin strips, add to the grapefruit and apples. Make sure you don’t add lots of it, because it can be as hot as pepper;
  • Add blueberries without defrosting (so that you don’t need to add ice to the drink).
  • Squeeze the lemon, filter the juice through a fine sieve to avoid lemon bones in the drink;
  • Add honey, but not too much (20 g approximately). Thought, it is tasty, it put calories for a cocktail and dismiss its usefulness.
  • Add about 50 ml of noncarbonated water.

Grind the ingredients in a blender to make the texture smooth (it takes about one minute).

fruit Smoothie

Tips to get a perfect smoothie

  • Do not add too much water, otherwise you will get a liquid jam instead of a thick-texture drink.
  • The homogeneous texture is the ‘clue’. A powerful blender is a must to get a well-textured drink. It will prevent green smoothies, for instance, from solid pieces of greenery or lumps, the same is applicable for soaked dates or dried apricots, since they should be mixed with water into the creamy texture. The right smoothies are evenly thick, like yoghurt or milkshake.
  • Do not mix dark greens with berries, otherwise you will get a weird unattractive swampy slurry instead of a beautiful smoothie.