Infant Food: Fruit Puree Recipes

Infant diet is always an issue for moms, even if they have older children, due to the individuality of each infant. Babies often have certain predispositions in terms for certain products, and their reaction to different product differs as well.

Typically, fruit are allowed to be included at the age of 4 months, and fruit purees diversify breastfeeding to a certain degree. Since fruit are allergenic and can cause unexpected reaction, purees should be added gradually and include products that are easy to digest. These are green sorts of apples (red and yellow can cause diathesis), pears, and bananas. Other types are better to be avoided until the baby grows up.Healthy infant food

Puree Types And Ways Of Cooking

Fruit puree is usually included to infant food because it stimulates digestion. Apple squashes are the most common ones. They can be varied by adding other products. Overall, purees can be single or multicomponent ones. For infants under 1 – 1,5 year, dried fruit and berries can be added as well, however, only in small quantities.

Note: Cook in small portions. A freshly-cooked squash is more useful that the one cooked beforehand. To keep the texture smooth and without lumps, add some warm water into the squash. It is better to avoid adding sugar or syrup to purees for infants.

Recipe 1

It is a single-component puree made of apple or pear (they are both a good fit for 6-month infants). Ingredients:

  • Apple (can be replaced by pear)
  • Water – 40 ml

Cooking: Apples are to be thoroughly rinsed in hot water, or treated with boiling water, to provide decent decontamination (better to repeat it twice or more). Proper preparation is important, since baby’s stomach is very sensitive to the smallest amounts of bacteria, and poorly developed microflora will cause unpleasant sensations. Remove the midway and seeds, and peel the apple. Cut it into pieces, add water and cook until almost all water evaporates (only 14-15 ml of water should remain). The cooked mixture must be blended to smooth texture.fruit puree

Recipe 2

Very delicious and sweet puree with peaches and bananas.


  • Ripe banana — ½
  • Peaches — 1-2

Cooking: Once again, fruit should be rinsed in hot water, the banana peel should be removed, and the flesh should be blended or mashed. Remove the peach pit, blend or mash the flesh. Then, mix both masses and blend until smooth texture.

Recipe 3

To prepare the baby for different tastes, you may try an avocado puree. The only ingredient is ripe avocado.

Cooking: Wash it, peel and remove the pit. Mash the flesh (you don’t need to boil it) and serve fresh, otherwise it will become dry.

Voila! Useful and tasty infant food is ready.