Reasons To Use Kitchenaid KFP1333OB

As you’ve understood from my previous articles, I stay really passionate about cooking and never hesitate to try any new recipe that comes into my hands. But still, as you may reasonably guess, I do not like to spend lots of time on that, especially after I realized my ability to cook more while saving time for leisure and fun, by using a food processor instead of a simple blender. This was the main reason for buying my first food processor KitchenAid KFP1333OB.

“Did you check the websites, have you asked for advice before buying it”, will you ask? Well, honestly, no. The first thing I really liked about this processor was it’s bright blue color, instead of usual dull black or silver. So it fitted really nicely into our kitchen.

KitchenAid KFP1333OB

After having arranged the guarantee agreement, ensuring the option to return it in case of not liking the way it works, I purchased it. Basically, I have to admit that I had some free money at the moment, and this was the main reason why I bought the processor so easily. Usually I am more mindful about purchasing household equipment of any kind. Those who don’t have additional $200 to buy for the food processor so impulsively as I did, you can always use a personal credit option. Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed in my decision, even after using it for a year.

What I Like And Dislike In This Processor

The first remarkable disadvantage that I have discovered was the fact that the processor is rather noisy. I was lucky of not giving away my blender, because I couldn’t use the food processor when my children were sleeping. I don’t think it works faster than other processors, but the quality of the piece is outstanding. Anyway, nois was the only disappointing issue, and overall I feel happy of owning this stuff, because:

  • It saves energy consumption. The engine of KitchenAid requires less power than other similar food processors. Even if you need to cook a larger meal, you don’t need to spend much energy, so your electricity bills don’t scream out;
  • It is diverse and my family can apply it for different tasks. It has three blade choices and two soft-processing regimes which are not difficult to manage for daily cooking. It is never scared of any work, easily processing all products (except for nuts, though);
  • I don’t face any difficulties while cleaning bowls and blades. I manage very fast and easily install all details back for further use;
  • I really like its accessory case. It allows us to keep all blades and equipment in a single place, so I’ve never lost any detail (even though my slight absent-mindedness).KitchenAid KFP1333OB

Why It’s Better Not To Look At Cheaper Options?

There was a time when I’ve been asking myself about the reason of buying a premium piece, while there were a lot of cheaper food processors available? However, then I came to my close friend’s place, and she showed me her processor, with the bowl too small for a family portion. I remember how she messed around it, to cook something completely simple. So when you buy something you want to actually use every day, devote some funds to it. Even if your balances are tight, you will save a great amount of time with the right machine. Anyways, high-quality kitchen equipment usually pays for itself really quickly.